Coat/e/s Family DNA Projects

Our Y-DNA group:   Our Y-DNA project has been going on for more than a dozen years now.  We've discovered that the Cote/Coat/e/s families come from many different ancestral lines.   In the beginning, we thought we might all be related.  Isn't that a hoot?  Y-DNA is only in the DNA of males.   It' helps prove one's Coate ancestry (in this case) back to the beginning of time.  That is because those chromosome segments do not tend to change over time for most points on the test.  They pass from father to son to grandson intact.  As you check this link, if you would like to make corrections, give us your oldest verified ancestor's name, get your webpage linked to your kit, or add your email address, please contact our admin, Linda Coate at

Our Family Finder DNA group:  Come enjoy our newest addition to our Coates project.   A big round of applause and thanks goes to our co-administrator, Veronica Williams for getting together our Family Finder results!!!   The Family Finder test identifies both Female and Male inherited autosomal DNA that can confirm ancestry up to six generations and may also give support for earlier generations.  Another chart that helps to confirm our ancestral line through triangulated cousin matches is still to come. If you have questions on the Family Finder results as it relates to Coat/e/s relatives or would like to join into this table, please contact Veronica Williams at